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For when she's absent frae my sight,
I think upon her still;
And when I sleep, or when I wake,
She does my senses fill.
May Heav'ns guard the bonny lass
That sweetens a' my life;
And shame fa' me gin e'er I seek
Anither for my wife.


O waly waly up the bank,
And waly waly down the brae,
And waly waly yon burn-side,
Where I and my love wont to gae.
I leant my back unto an aik,
I thought it was a trusty tree;
But first it bow‘d, and syne it brak,
Sae my true love did lightlie me.

O waly waly gin love be bonny,
A little time while it is new;
But when its auld it waxeth cauld,
And fades awa like morning dew.
O wherefore should I busk my head,
Or wherefore should I kame my hair?