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Subclass MT

MT1-960 Instruction and study
MT1   General works
M2.5 Music study abroad
MT3-5 History
MT5.5-7 Music theory
MT9-15 Printed pedagogical aids
MT9   Examinations, exercises, etc.
MT10 Teachers’ and supervisors’ manuals, etc.
MT15 Charts, diagrams, etc.
MT17 Music in special education
MT18 Music in colleges and universities
MT20-34 Systems and methods
MT35-39 Notation
MT40-67 Composition. Elements and techniques of music
MT68 Improvisation. Accompaniment. Transposition
MT70-74 Instrumentation and orchestration
MT75 Interpretation
MT80 Embellishment
MT82 Memorizing
MT85 Conducting. Score reading and playing
MT87 Community music
MT88 Administration and instruction of vocal groups
MT90-146 Analysis and appreciation of musical works
MT150 Audio visual aids
MT155 Music theory for children
MT165 Tuning
MT170-810 Instrumental techniques
MT179-258 Keyboard instruments
MT259-338 Stringed instruments. Bowed stringed instruments
MT339-533 Wind instruments
MT539-654 Plucked instruments
MT655-725 Percussion and other instruments
MT728-735 Ensembles
MT737 Motion picture accompanying
MT740-810 Instrumental techniques for children
MT820-915 Singing and vocal technique
MT898-915 Vocal techniques for children
MT918-948 School music
MT920-925 Kindergarten
MT930-948 Elementary schools. Junior high schools. High schools
MT949.5 Whistling
MT950 Music to accompany instruction in ballet, folk dancing, gymnastics, etc.
MT955-956 Musical theater
MT960 Music in the theater