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Subclass S

S1-(972) Agriculture (General)
S21-400.5   Documents and other collections
S403 Agricultural missions, voyages, etc.
S419-482 History
S530-559 Agricultural education
S539.5-542.3   Research. Experimentation
S544-545.53 Agricultural extension work
S548-548.6 Historic farms
S550-559 Exhibitions. Fairs
S560-571.5 Farm economics. Farm management. Agricultural mathematics
Including production standards, record keeping, farmwork rates, marketing
S583-587.73 Agricultural chemistry. Agricultural chemicals
S588.4-589.6 Agricultural physics
Including radioisotopes in agriculture
S589.7 Agricultural ecology (General)
S589.75-589.76 Agriculture and the environment
S589.8-589.87 Plant growing media. Potting soils
S590-599.9 Soils. Soil science
Including soil surveys, soil chemistry, soil structure, soil-plant relationships
S600-600.7 Agricultural meteorology. Crops and climate
S602.5-604.37 Methods and systems of culture. Cropping systems
Including fallowing, rotation of crops, plowing
S604.5-604.64 Agricultural conservation
S604.8-621.5 Melioration: Improvement, reclamation, fertilization, irrigation, etc., of lands
S605.5 Organic farming. Organiculture
S606-621.5 Special classes of lands and reclamation methods
Including woodlands, burning of lands, deserts, saline environments, moors
S622-627 Soil conservation and protection
S631-667 Fertilizers and improvement of the soil
S671-760.5 Farm machinery and farm engineering
S770-790.3 Agricultural structures. Farm buildings
S900-(972) Conservation of natural resources
Including land conservation