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Subclass BS

BS1-2970 The Bible
BS11-115   Early versions
BS125-355 Modern texts and versions
BS125-198   English
BS199-313 Other European languages
BS315-355 Non-European languages
BS315   Asian languages
BS325 African languages
BS335 Languages of Oceania and Australasia
BS345 American Indian languages
BS350 Mixed languages
BS355 Artificial languages
BS410-680 Works about the Bible
BS500-534.8 Criticism and interpretation
BS535-537 The Bible as literature
BS546-558 Bible stories. Paraphrases of Bible stories. The Bible story
BS569-580 Men, women, and children of the Bible
BS580 Individual Old Testament characters
BS585-613 Study and teaching
BS647-649 Prophecy
BS650-667 Bible and science
BS670-672 Bible and social sciences
BS701-1830 Old Testament
BS705-815 Early versions
BS825-1013 Modern texts and versions
BS1091-1099 Selections. Quotations
BS1110-1199 Works about the Old Testament
BS1160-1191.5 Criticism and interpretation
BS1200-1830 Special parts of the Old Testament
BS1901-2970 New Testament
BS1937-2020 Early texts and versions
BS2025-2213 Modern texts and versions
BS2260-2269 Selections. Quotations
BS2280-2545 Works about the New Testament
BS2350-2393 Criticism and interpretation
BS2415-2417 The teachings of Jesus
BS2430-2520 Men, women, and children of the New Testament
BS2525-2544 Study and teaching
BS2547-2970 Special parts of the New Testament
BS2640-2765.6 Epistles of Paul