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Subclass UB

UB1-900 Military administration
UB160-165   Records, returns, muster rolls, etc.
UB170-175 Adjutant generals' offices
UB180-197 Civilian personnel departments
UB250-271 Intelligence
UB273-274 Sabotage
UB275-277 Psychological warfare. Propaganda
UB320-338 Enlistment, recruiting, etc.
UB340-345 Compulsory service. Conscription and exemption
UB356-369.5 Provision for veterans
UB370-375 Military pensions, etc.
UB380-385 Soldiers' and sailors' homes
UB407-409 Warrant officers. Noncommissioned officers
UB410-415 Officers
UB416-419 Minorities, women, etc. in armed forces
UB420-425 Furloughs
UB440-449.5 Retired military personnel