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Subclass Z

Z4-115.5 Books (General). Writing. Paleography
Z4-8   History of books and bookmaking
Z40-104.5   Writing
Z41-42.5     Autographs. Signatures
Z43-45     Calligraphy. Penmanship
Z48     Duplicating processes. Copying services Including mimeographing, multilithing
Z49-51.5     Typewriters. Typewriting. Keyboards. Keyboarding
Z52-52.5     Word processing
Z53-102     Shorthand. Stenography. Phonography
Z102.5-104.5     Cryptography. Ciphers. Invisible writing
Z105-115.5   Manuscripts. Paleography
Z116-659 Book industries and trade
Z116.A2   Treatises on the modern printed book
Z116.A3   Book design
Z116.A5-265.5   Printing
Z124-228     History
Z231-234     Printers and printing establishments
Z234       Medallic history of printing. Tokens
Z235-236     Printer's marks, mottoes, etc.
Z237     Paper. Watermarks, etc.
Z240-241.5     Incunabula. Block books
Including broadsides, playing cards
Z242.9-264.5     Practical printing
Including printing as a business, layout, paper and ink, machinery, type and type founding, electrotyping, desktop publishing, typesetting, presswork
Z265-265.5     Representation or reproduction of books, documents, etc., by photography, microphotography, or other means
Z266-276   Bookbinding. Book decoration
Z278-549   Bookselling and publishing
Z551-656   Copyright
Z657-659   Freedom of the press. Censorship
Z662-1000.5 Libraries
Z662-664   Collections
Z665-718.8   Library science. Information science
Z668-669.7     Library education. Research
Z672-Z672.13     Library cooperation and coordination
Z674.7-674.83     Library information networks
Z675     Classes of libraries
Z678-678.88     Library administration and organization. Constitution
Z678.89-678.892     Library service agencies
Z678.9-Z678.93     Automation
Z679-680     Library buildings. Library architecture
Including planning, space utilization, security, safety, lighting, etc.
Z680.3-680.6     Library communication systems