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BX7850-7865       German Evangelical Protestant Church of North America. Evangelical Protestant Church of North America
BX7901-7943 German Evangelical Synod of North America
BX7990.H6-.H69 Holiness churches
BX8001-8080 Lutheran churches
BX8101-8144 Mennonites
BX8201-8495 Methodism
BX8525-8528 Millennial Dawnists. Jehovah’s Witnesses
BX8551-8593 Moravian Church. United Brethren. Unitas Fratrum. Herrnhuters
BX8601-8695 Mormons. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
BX8701-8749 New Jerusalem Church. New Church. Swedenborgianism
BX8762-8785 Pentecostal churches
BX8799-8809 Plymouth Brethren. Darbyites
BX8901-9225 Presbyterianism. Calvinistic Methodism
BX9301-9359 Puritanism
BX9401-9640 Reformed or Calvinistic Churches
BX9675 River Brethren. Brethren in Christ
BX9701-9743 Salvation Army
BX9751-9793 Shakers. United Society of Believers. Millennial Church
BX9801-9869 Unitarianism
BX9875-9877.1 United Brethren in Christ. Church of the United Brethren in Christ
BX9881-9882.95 United Church of Canada
BX9884-9886 United Church of Christ
BX9887 United Evangelical Church
BX9889 United Missionary Church
BX9901-9969 Unviersalism. Universalists
BX9975 Volunteers of America
BX9980 Walloon Church
BX9998 Other beliefs and movements akin to Christianity
BX9999 Independent churches, parishes, societies, etc.