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Subclass CR

CR1-6305 Heraldry
CR51-79   Crests, monograms, devices, badges, mottoes, etc.
CR91-93 Shields and supporters
CR101-115 Flags, banners, and standards
CR191-1020 Public and official heraldry
CR1101-1131 Ecclesiastical and sacred heraldry
CR1179-3395 Family heraldry
CR3499-4420 Titles of honor, rank, precedence, etc.
CR4480-4485 Royalty. Insignia. Regalia, crown and coronets, etc.
CR4501-6305 Chivalry and knighthood (Orders, decorations, etc.)
CR4547-4553   Ceremonials, pageants, tournaments, etc.
CR4571-4595 Duels and dueling
CR4651-6305 Orders, etc.