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Subclass DG

DG11-999 History of Italy
DG11-365   Ancient Italy. Rome to 476
DG11-16   General
DG27-41 Geography. Description and travel
DG51-70 Local history and description
DG51-55   Regions in Italy, A-Z
DG59 Regions outside of Italy, A-Z
DG61-69 Rome (City) to 476
DG70 Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z
DG75-190 Antiquities. Civilization. Culture. Ethnography
DG201-365 History
DG201-215 General
DG221-365 By period
DG221-225   Pre-Roman Italy. Etruria. Etruscans
DG231-269 Kings and Republic, 753-27 B.C.
DG233-233.9   Foundations and kings, 753-510
DG235-269 Republic, 509-27
DG237-238   Subjection of Italy, 343-290
DG241-253 Conquest of Mediterranean world. 264-133
DG242-249.4 First and Second Punic Wars. Illyrian wars. 264-201
DG250-253 Wars in the East and in the West. 200-133
DG253.5-269 Fall of the Republic and establishment of the Empire. 133-27
DG256-260 Period of Marius and Sulla (Pompey). 111-78
DG261-267 Julius Caesar. First Triumvirate, 60
DG268-269 Second Triumvirate, 43-31
DG269.5-365 Empire, 27 B.C.-476 A.D.
DG269.5-274.3 General
DG275-309.3 Constitutional Empire, 27 B.C.-284 A.D.
DG310-365 284-476. Decline and fall
DG401-583.8 Medieval and modern Italy, 476-
DG401-421 General
DG421.5-430.2 Description and travel
DG431-457 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography
DG461-583.8 History
DG461-473 General
DG480-499 Military, naval, and political history. Foreign relations
DG500-583.8 By period
DG500-537.8 Medieval, 476-1492
DG503-529 476-1268
DG506-514.7 489-774. Gothic and Lombard kingdoms. Byzantine exarchate, 553-568
DG515-529 774-1268. Frankish and German emperors
DG530-537.8 1268-1492
DG532-537.8 Renaissance
DG538-583.8 Modern, 1492-