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daring robbery was committed at the Commissary's marquee whilst he was in bed. They stole a gun which was hanging up near the side of the bed, and took a pair of boots from his bed side. The hospital tent was also robbed.

December 27.—At 9 p.m. six convicts endeavoured to make their escape. They were beset by a look-out party, and one man shot,—very badly wounded.

[This was Buckley's party.]

December 28.—Corporal Sutton reported that the man shot was Charles Shaw. A cart, and Assistant-Sturgeon Bowden, sent to bring him into Camp.

December 29.—People employed loading the Ocean. The Governor communicated his wish that the Civil Establishment should form a patrol at night, in case of an insurrection.

December 30.—People employed in getting the guns from off the wharf, and on board the Ocean. Great fires seen at a distance, supposed to be made by runaways. At 10, a great fire across the Bay.

[The names of Buckley's party are here given, but the journal states that one man was taken besides Shaw, who was shot, which circumstance it is probable Buckley had forgotten when he related to me the history of his life.]

January 2, 1804.—Civil Officers met to consult upon the plan of the association, and at 9 p.m. Mr. Anson and myself took the first night watch.

January 6.—At 5 a.m. Mr. W. Stocker, two men, and myself, all armed, went to the harbour's mouth, but did not find any trace of the runaway convicts. At 3 p.m. returned.

January 7.—At half-past 2 a.m. drums beat to arms. The Military, and all the Officers of the Association, with their subordinates, attended. Each received a brace of pistols, and four founds of ball cartridge, 1 lb. beef, 1 lb. bread, and half a pint of spirits. At half-past 3, nine Marines, armed and with the same supply of ammunition, joined us, together with Sergeant-Major