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through the ice in the river. We arrived at the great City of New York about 10 in the evening, and were kindly received at the house of Mr. Francis Hall.

Tuesday 17th. — Received letters from Canada; one from my brother John, one from Captain John Brant, and one from Mr. J. B. Clench. The purport of these letters was to inform me that His Excellency Sir John Colborne had been appointed by the British Government to be the head of the Indian department in Upper Canada, and that he wished me to return to Canada with my Translations, and that he would have them printed at his own expense in the town of York. In the evening we attended the Anniversary of the Female Missionary Society in Allen Street Church, which was crowded. Dr. Bangs opened the meeting by singing and prayer. The report was then read, after which Brother Case delivered his speech on our Indian Missions. Our Indian boys then sung a hymn, and read in the New Testament. After this I gave my talk. Then the Rev. Mr. Maffit delivered a most eloquent and moving speech. Whilst the hearts of the people were warm, the collection was taken up; over $200 were received for the Society. We were invited to take our quarters at the house of Mr. Samuel Martin, No. 182 Allen Street, where we (Indians) were kindly entertained.

Thursday 19th. — Worked at our Translations. In the evening I endeavoured to preach in the Forsyth Street Church from these words, “For the Son of man is come to seek and save that which was lost.” The church was crammed to overflowing. An Indian preacher is a new thing in this city, and therefore hundreds came to see and hear. John Simpson, one of ur Indian converts, arrived from Grape Island Mission, having been requested by Brother Case to come and help us.

Sabbath 22nd. — At 10½, a. m., I preached in Duane Street Church, from Number xxiii. 23. Dr. Bangs assisted me. The