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Thomas Davis, a Mohawk Chief. I went to hear the new Preacher, but was disappointed, as he had lost his way and did not arrive until after I had left. He spoke to the few whom he saw, and left another appointment for that day fortnight, when I had the pleasure of hearing him give a good warm talk on these words — “Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again.” There were a number of Indians present, many of whom could understand plain English preaching, and they listened with deep attention. Previous to this the Mohawk Chief, Thomas Davis, held morning prayers in his house, and was joined by several of his neighbours, to whom he read portions of the word of God, and the Church prayers in Mohawk. It is quite evident that the Spirit of the Lord had already began to move upon the hearts of this people.

On the 1st of June, 1823, my sister Mary and I started in company with Mrs. Thomas, (an Irish woman, formerly a member of the Wesleyan Society in her own country) to attend a Campmeeting to be held in the Township of Ancaster. I was prompted by curiosity to go and see how the Methodists worshipped the Great Spirit in the wilderness.

On arriving at the encampment, I was immediately struck with the solemnity of the people, several of whom were engaged in singing and prayer. Some strange feeling came over my mind, and I was led to believe that the Supreme Being was in the midst of his people who were now engaged in worshipping him. We pitched our tent upon the ground allotted to us; it was made of coarse linen cloth. The encampment contained about two acres enclosed by a brush fence. The tents were pitched within this circle; all the under-brush was taken away, whilst the larger trees were left standing, forming a most beautiful shade. There were three gates leading into the encampment. During each night the whole place was illuminated with fire-stands, which had a very imposing appear-