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Thursday 25th. — Employed in writing out and preparing laws and regulations for the village.

Monday 29. — Employed at the translations of the Scriptures. Made a beginning on an Indian vocabulary. My Brother John is to assist in this work.

Tuesday, April 6th. — In the afternoon I rode down with Bro. Ryerson to York, in order to solicit donations for the public buildings at the Credit Mission.

Thursday 8th. — Visited Mr. Clench in the evening. He informed me that His Excellency Sir John Colborne was wishing to appoint me one of the Superintendents of Indian affairs. I told Mr, Clench that before I accepted any such offer I should wish to consider whether it would be consistent with my present situation in the Church to which I belong, and that I should wish to know whether there would be any infringement upon my ministerial labours.

Monday 26th. — In accordance with the request of Elder Case, Thomas McGee, Thos. Smith, and myself made ready for a tour to Munceytown and River St. Clair.

Wednesday, May 5th. — P. Beaver told us an instance of his persecutions by the pagan Indians. He said at one time while they were engaged in a prayer meeting, a member of the pagan or drunken Indians came around them, who was in liquor. A woman, he said, came to him with a tomahawk in her hands; she seized him by the hair of his head, and held up the cruel weapon over his head, and threatened to tomahawk him if he did not quit his praying. Peter said that he was not at all afraid, but prayed harder to the Lord, and took no notice of her. While the woman was wringing and twisting his head, he said he got happier and happier, so he did not fear to die. The woman at last let him go and left him.

Tuesday 11th. — Thomas Smith and Thomas Magee started