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village lots. Felt extremely unworthy of conducting and managing both the temporal and spiritual affairs of these Indians, who appear to look to me as their leader, but was enabled to look to the Lord for wisdom and grace to help me in the faithful discharge of my duty.

Thursday 20th. — In the afternoon some of us went to Mr. Watson's, where we heard the Rev. G. Sovereign preach from Acts iii. 22.

Saturday 22nd. — Went with a party of the Indians to a Quarterly Meeting near the 16 mile Creek. Heard Elder Madden preach from Psalm li. 12. Enjoyed much comfort during this service, and also at the evening prayer meeting.

Sunday 23rd. — Both at the love feast and at the table of the Lord I was enabled to rejoice in the God of my salvation. At noon Elder Madden preached from Heb. xii. 1, after which I endeavoured to exhort both in Indian and English.

Thursday 27th. — Intending to raise a temporary building for our meeting and school, we cleared a piece of land and got out some poles and crotches. In the evening held our usual prayer meeting.

Friday 28th. — Went with a party to Mr. Racey's mills to raft down boards for our school and meeting house.

Saturday 29th. — Preached a funeral sermon in the adjoining white settlement. In the afternoon raised and boarded our school house.

Sunday 30th. — In the morning I held the first Sabbath school that had ever been kept in this place; about 40 attended, who behaved very well, but I was much at a loss for teachers, not being able to do justice to so many. At 11, a. m., I commenced the public service, by first reading a portion of Scripture, and then singing and prayer, after which I endeavoured to explain a portion of Scripture in the Indian, and concluded by speaking a few words in English, as there were