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gospel terms; an old woman being sitting before him, he laid his hands on each side of her head, and rocked her from side to side, and said, Thou witch-wife, thou witch-wife, thou witch-wife, I offer Christ to thee! Quit the devil's service, thou hast a bad master; thou wilt never, make thy plack a babee of him: But if thou wilt break off and renounce the devil's service, I promise thee, in my Master's name, that he will give thee salvations After this, there was a discernable change in her practice; and when she was a-dying, she confessed that she was either engaged in the devil's service, or was engaging; and expressed her thankfulness that she had the happiness to hear Mr. Peden at that time.


Containing Thirty new additional Passages.}


I.IN the year 1666, when the Lord's persecuted and oppressed people were gathered together for their own defence, who were broken at Pentland-hills, he, with Mr. Welch and the laird of Glorover, in the parish of Balentrea, were riding together in the same parish, and met upon the way a party of the enemy's horse, and no eviting of them, the Laird fainted, fearing they would all be taken. Mr Peden seeing this, said, "Keep up your courage and confidence, for God hath laid an arrest