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45. When the day of his death drew near, and not being able to travel, he came to his brother's houſe, in the pariſh of Sorn, where he was born: he cauſed dig a cave, with a ſaughen buſh covering the mouth of it. near to his brother's houſe; and the enemies came and ſearched the houſe narrowly many times. In the time that he was in this cave, he ſaid to ſome friends, 1 That God ſhall make Scotland a deſolation 2. There ſhall be a remnant in the land, whom God ſhould ſpare and hide. 3 They ſhould lie in holes and caves of the earth, and be ſupplied with meat and drink: and when they come out of their holes, they ſhall not have freedom to walk, for ſtumbling on the dead corpſes. 4. A ſtone out of a mountain, ſhall come down, and God ſhall be avenged on the great ones of the earth, and the inhabitants of the land, for their wickedneſs; and then the church ſhould come forth with a bonny bairn-time of young ones at her back. He wiſhed that the Lord's people might ly hid in their caves, as if they were not in the world, for nothing would do it, until God appeared with his judgments, and they that wan through the bitter and ſharp, ſhort ſtorm, by the ſword of the Frenches, and a ſet of unhappy men, taking part with them, then there would be a ſpring-tide day of the plenty, purity and power of the goſpel: giving them that for a ſign, If he were but once buried, they might be in doubts; but if he were oftener buried than once, they might be perſuaded that all he had ſaid would come to paſs: And earneſtly deſired them to take his corpſe out to Airdſmoſs, and bury them beſide Richy (meaning Mr. Cameron) that he might get rcſt in his grave, for he had gotten little through his life; but he laid he knew they would not do it. He told them, that bury him where they would, he would be lifted again; but the man that put firſt his hand to lift his corpſe, four things ſhould befal him: 1. He ſhould get a great fall from a horſe. 2. He ſhould fall in adultery. 3. Into theft; and for this he ſhould leave the land. 4. Make a melancholy end abroad for murder. Which