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above her features, which made the King hearken to his new adventure and he reſolved to go to Shore’s ſhop in diſguiſe to ſee her.

The King whoſe thoughts ſtill ran on his intended miſtreſss delayed not long to pay her a viſit; and in order to it attired himſelf like a merchant and withdrew privately from court, being only attended by his page: And coming unto Shore’s ſhop, then the richeſt in all Lombard-ſtreet, he found the good man employed in his buſineſs; and waiting till he was a little at leiſure, he deſired to ſee ſome plate, which being ſhewn him, he under a pretence of carrying it beyond ſea, ſoon agreed for a conſiderable quantity: But yet, no wife appeared, which made him delay the time with diſcourſe, of what was then tranſacting in England and places abroad, where he ſaid he had travelled.

This delighted Shore mightily, ſo that he ordered his man to fetch up