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I felt how I trusted him; and told him that I did not see clearly about it, but would do what he advised, and then perhaps all would be plainer to me. "I am quite sure it will," he said; and wishing him good-bye I came away.

45, Great Ormond St.,
July 1st, 1857.

To Emily.

I did not go to Mr. Neale's and the children made a horrid mess of it. Miss C. forgot the name of the station; and they went to Beddington and had to walk eight miles, and other absurdities. I saw Rossetti last night, and learned that Ruskin is not going abroad, but to Manchester, Oxford, etc., to lecture. He starts to-day. He was at Russell Place, to see the pictures; but did not see any of us. Rossetti was so friendly, I could not hate him, with his bright bright eyes, and recalling, as he did, dear people; and le was so kind too. … Miss R. has heard of our being confirmed.[1] … Mr. Maurice has been lecturing on [ilton before the Royal Society.

45, Great Ormond St.,
July 8th, 1857.

To Florence.

… What fine efforts you are making about the toys! They quite put me to shame. How nice it is tho', that we can work together, tho' we are so far apart, is it not? … I hope you will get to know Mrs. Browning some day. How glorious that thunder-storm

  1. Octavia was confirmed at Christ Church, Marylebone, by Tait, then Bishop of London.