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Ways of the Hour

things. Electric-machine makers have produced a sterilizable motor for the use of surgeons, all clad in perfect aseptic apparel. These sterilizable hand-motors are reliable and certain, and the sur

geon can attach any sort of blade, drill, saw, or cutting instrument, to the motor. Dr. Walter G. Stern of Cleveland, who was acquainted with the small electric hand-drills used in the steel and iron trades, used these

as models and guides and adapted them at a very small cost for surgical purposes.

The bone-cutting electric drill is fitted with a removable, universal

hold which will firmly grasp and automatically centre all manner of cutting instruments of any size to three-eighths of an inch in diameter at the shank. It can be run on any kind of a street lighting current. Dr. Stern's method of use includes the sterilizing the whole outfit in canvas bags. After the usual preparation, disinfection and manipula

tion of the dressings, just as is done in all operating-rooms, the operator seizes the motor firmly at the handle and inserts the precise instrument desired. . This has added greatly to the success of surgery, and the efficiency and good judgment of the surgeon. He has leisure and reserve energy enough to apply his muscles and blood to other purposes. LEONARD KEEN HIRSHBERG, A.B., M.A., M.D.



heart a haunted manor is, where Time

Has fumbled noiselessly with mouldering hands: At sunset ghosts troop out in sudden bands, At noon ’tis vacant as a house of crime; But when, unseen as sound, the night-winds climb The higher keys with their unstilled demands, It wakes to memories of other lands,

And thrills with echoes of enchanted rhyme. Then, through the dreams and hopes of earlier years, A fall of phantom footsteps on the stair Approaches near, and ever nearer yet, A voice rings through my life's deserted ways:

I turn to great thee, Love. The empty air Holds but the spectre of rhy own regret.