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all sorts of things about the house. Then we can have a question, you

country club

know, and this is mine.

ternoon! May I take Fidums? He's pining for a whizz. Oh, yes, you do love him, too—such a booflum dog gums! Yes, I'll be ready in an hour. Oh, yes. Thank you. Good-by.


studying Economic Conditions as they affect women. All the economy I've learned so far is to cut the

strings near the knots when the bundles come in.

Yes, with pleasure.

No, I haven't a thing on for the af

Clever, isn’t it?

I always used to cut them right in the middle. Well, as I was telling you, this is my question—Oh, there's that telephone again!

Now, Miss Bodkin, do help me out, won't you? Get me into my frock, and I'll wear one of these

new hats.

And won't you please

telephone Mrs. Smart that I can't come to her Bridge? Oh, tell her I was suddenly called away to an im portant meeting—and, indeed, my meeting with Mr. Dow is important —and then you fix over that gown, won't you, and cut out the new one? And do mend up that malines hat! Yes, my hair is almost dry—if you'll just fan it a little while you sew. Now I must fly! I'm so glad I

Hay-o! Yes, Miss Featherton, the hats came. No, I don’t care for any of them much. And that taupe malines one seems to be mussy. Is it a last season's hat? Just fresh from Paris? My! It must have been badly boxed—or—well, you can see when it comes back, how mussy it looks. Yes, you may send for them at once. No, I don’t want any of them. Good-by.

could help you as much as have. I

I do like this black one, but if I send it back perhaps she'll reduce

really deserve a little outing now. Do make over that gown to look real smart, won’t you? And don’t let it

Oh, hay-o! Is this you, Mr. Dow?

have a home-made look, whatever

Oh, well, Roddy, then. Go motor ing? Now? • And lunch at the

you do!


£&# $2


LL day the sky has hung a leaden cup Turned upside down.

But now at eve behold!

The Great Magician tilts the far edge up:

Its sides are silver and its brim is gold.