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Serial Number

Year of death.

Tomb or monument to the memory of—



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12 Sept. 1848.

George Montizambert.

To the memory of GEORGE MONTIZAMBERT, Major of H . M.'s 10th Regiment of Foot, who gallantly fell in action at the siege of Multan, on the 12th September 1848. This tablet is raised in friendship and in regret by his schoolfellow, the Earl of Dalhousie, Governor General of India.

A mural tablet surmounted by a draped sarcophagus, behind which are four flags, a gan, a sword, and a trumpet. The sarcophagus bears Montizambert's coat of arms.


26 Feb. 1851.

Ralph Dowson

Sacred to the memory of Captain RALPH DOWSON, 5th Bengal Native Infantry, who died at Bombay on the 26th February 1851, aged 33 years 3 months. He distinguished himself in Afghanistan, Multan, and Guzerat. His brother officers have erected this slab to commemorate the gallant deeds and private worth of a man who was an honour to the service and an ornament to his regiment.

A mural tablet.


20 Dec. 1853.

Sir Henry Miers Elliot.

In memory of Sir HENRY MIERS ELLIOT, K.C.B., third son of John Elliot, Esq., of Pimlico Lodge, Westminster; born March 1st, 1808. For twenty-six years a member of the Civil Service in this Presidency, he was highly esteemed for his remarkable abilities and attainments as well as for his manly rectitude of conduct, was endeared by his gentle disposition and noble qualities to all his friends, and beloved for the undeviating affection of five and twenty years by his afflicted widow. He died at the Cape of Good Hope on the 20th December 1853, aged forty-five years.

A mural tablet.

"The dulce decus of the Bengal Civil Service," who amassed "the materials for the eight volumes which now form his memorial for all time." (Sir W. W. Hunter.)


1 May 1855.

William Nairn Forbes.

In memory of Major-General WILLIAM NAIRN FORBES, of the Bengal Engineers; the architect of this Church, of the Calcutta Mint, and various other public buildings. This monument is erected by the affection of his friends and fellow citizens. H e was born at Blackford, in Aberdeenshire, April 3rd, 1796, and died near Aden, on his way to England, May 1st, 1855.

A marble tablet with two supporters, surmounted by a bust by W. Theed, in 1857.


21 Jan. 1857. Sir Robert Barlow, Bart.

Sacred to the memory of Sir ROBERT BARLOW,

A mural tablet bearing a large white marble cross. Sir Robert was the fourth son of Sir George Hilard Barlow. Bart., of the Bengal Civil Service, who for more than 16 years was a Judge of the Sadar Court, Calcutta: devoted, efficient, and respected as a public officer; benevolent, generous, and sincere, in private life. Warmly esteemed and beloved by his friends, many of whom unite to erect this tablet in testimony of his worth and of their regret. Died in London on the 21st January 1857, aged 59 years.