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Then resting from his labour,
    He sought his place of pride,
For the ataghan and sabre
    Were shivered at his side.

Fair Venice, like a beauty,
    Arose from out the sea;
The waves, with a sweet duty,
    Were proud her slaves to be:
The fleets she sent to rove them
    Their empire seemed to know,
With a favouring sky above them,
    A subject sea below:
Now sent on warlike sallies,
    Now on some richer quest,
The bold Republic's gallies
    Were known from east to west.

Dalmatia's forest highlands
    Were searched for slaves and ore;
The soft Ionian Islands
    Gave up their summer store;
The olive, fig, and myrtle,
    All woods, the sweet and rare;
Silks for the maiden's kirtle,
    Pearls for her shining hair;
And myrrh in silver measures,
    And spices, oil, and grain,
These heaped the merchant treasures
    She brought from off the main.