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Most Holy Child Jesus.


Brighter than the stars are the angels, not only in heaven above, but unseen by us, adoring this holy Child, their Creator, lying in that rough manger-cradle.

He has never shown such love for those shining angels, bright sinless angels, as for us.

How we must love Him if we have hearts at all wherewith to love!

Jesus, I thank Thee for coming thus. Great God, how Thou hast humbled Thyself! It seems too much, too wonderful, but I know that it is true.

Nothing is too wonderful for Thy great, Thy everlasting love.

For love of Thee I will be humble. Take away my pride and my self-will.

Mary, I thank thee and bless thee for loving God so nobly, so purely, so humbly, that He gave His dear Son to us through thee. Pray to that Son, that I may have grace to learn of Him and thee to be meek and humble of heart.