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Little Faithful.

" And go to the theatre, truly ? "

" A dozen theatres, if we may."

"Well — I guess — I will," said Amy, slowly.

" Good girl ! Sing out for Meg, and tell her you'll give in," said Laurie, with an approving pat, which annoyed Amy more than the " giving in."

Meg and Jo came running down to behold the miracle which had been wrought ; and Amy, feeling very precious and self-sacrificing, promised to go, if the doctor said Beth was going to be ill.

"How is the little dear?" asked Laurie; for Beth was his especial pet, and he felt more anxious about her than he liked to show.

" She is lying down on mother's bed, and feels bet- ter. The baby's death troubled her, but I dare say she has only got cold. Hannah says she thinks so ; but she looks worried, and that makes me fidgety," answered Meg.

" What a trying world it is ! " said Jo, rumpling up her hair in a fretful sort of way. "No sooner do we get out of one trouble than down comes another. There don't seem to be anything to hold on to when mother's gone ; so I'm all at sea."

"Well, don't make a porcupine of yourself, it isn't becoming. Settle your wig, Jo, and tell me if I shall telegraph to your mother, or do anything ? " asked Laurie, who never had been reconciled to the loss of his friend's one beauty.

" That is what troubles me," said Meg. " I think we ought to tell her if Beth is really ill, but Hannah says we mustn't, for mother can't leave father, and it will only make them anxious. Beth won't be sick