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SO it ends, my dream of loving!
  In this empty house I sit,
With my tired spirit proving
   All the cynics' bitter wit.
Round me thro' the open shutters
   Floats the heavy-scented night;
Not a leaf or grass-blade flutters;
   Vapours hide the moon from sight.

Endless, boundless, high above me,
   Yawn the ghastly gulfs of space.
I'd have looked, with her to love me,
   Those abysses in the face!
All illusion! Well, what matter?
   Dim the lights — applaud the play!
Fill the silence with our chatter.
   Lay the fairy masks away.

Oh, deep night! My invocation
   Is to you, to you alone!
Pour, pour down your consecration,
   Though the dream of love has flown.
Large-enfolding night, receive me!
   Drown the treacherous siren-songs.
Ah! the love that will not leave me,
   Night, to you alone belongs.