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end of the sea of the same name, which has just come round the corner of the disk. The canal connecting it with the Phoenix Lake is the Araxes; and at various angles to this, like spokes of a wheel about the Phoenix Lake for hub, are many more canals, the one lying most nearly due south being the Phasis. Connecting with this network of canals is a similar network of streaks in the dark regions, making a set of triangles, from which still other canals run up almost straight toward the south pole.

Between the dark regions and the Beak of the Sirens is the peninsula Phaetontis, crossing which some way up is a short canal known as Herculis Columnae. Due north of the Lacus Phoenicis is the spot Ceraunius, joined to the Lacus Phoenicis by the Iris, and to the Tithonius Lacus by the Fortunae. it is also crossed by the Gigas, the very long canal in the right-hand lower part of the disk, of which we saw the beginning in the last plate, and shall not see the end till we reach the next one.

Westward of the Lacus Phoenicis there begins to show a congeries of spots and connecting canals, which come out still more strikingly in Plate VII. The great canal beaded with spots, which in the picture traverses nearly the centre of the disk, is the Eumenides, and its continuation, the Orcus. Its farther end is lost in the limb-light. At an angle to it, running nearly