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The Sea of the Sirens is now nearly central. To the west, dividing it from the Mare Cimmerium, which is just coming into view, is the peninsula Atlantis, curiously uniting the continents to the islands to the south. Belting the disk from east to west is the Eumenides-Orcus, strung with spots.

Parallel to the Eumenides-Orcus, and skirting the north shore of the Sea of the Sirens, is the Erynnis. Half way between this and the Eumenides is another parallel canal, the Parcae. Curving round the bottom of the disk is a chain of canals, the Pyriphlegethon, Acheron, and Erebus, the last of which runs to the Trivium Charontis. At the junctions of these various canals may be seen any number of spots.

On the next plate (Plate IX.) the Trivium Charontis itself has come into view toward the lower right-hand part of the disk. Two nearly parallel canals, a double Hades, join it to the Propontis, the spot almost at the limb. The Titan shows well near the centre of the disk. Were the centre ten degrees farther east, the canal would appear more striking yet. For so straight is it, and so nearly due north and south does it lie, that when it comes to the meridian it seems that meridian itself. On this plate we have the western end of the Eumnenides-Orcus, at whose eastern end we began several plates back when we left the Phoenix Lake. This will give some