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of lines do. His canals in the dark regions end at the very points at which the others begin, and they do this invariably. There is no canal in the dark areas which does not so connect with one in the bright regions.

Finally, some of the most southern appear to run tolerably straight toward the pole; but of the plan underlying the whole system of Martian canals we cannot at present predicate details, as, though the system instantly suggests plan, it suggests a plan that does not instantly commend itself to human comprehension.

Mr. Douglass finds 44 of these canals, not including the straits between the islands, as is shown in the following list:—

Name. No. of drawings in which it appears.
Acalandrus 19
Acesines 19
Acis 14
Aeolus 13
Amphrysus 1
Athesis 16
Caicus 8
Carpis 3
Casuentus 21
Cayster 3
Cestrus 2
Chaboras 4
Cinyphus 14
Cyaneus 6
Cyrus 3
Dargamanes 20
Digentia 2
Name. No. of drawings in which it appears.
Dosaron 10
Drahonus 5
Erannoboas 17
Erymanthus 21
Eurypus 9
Gaesus 2
Galaesus 6
Garrhuenus 12
Harpasus 2
Helisson 12
Heratemis 4
Hipparis 19
Hippus 13
Hyctanis 4
Hydriacus 1
Hylias 7
Hyllus 14