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��t\^ ecu them: for as the result of this would be that they could carry on no commerce, the Americans would transport the merchandize of all the belli- gerent powers, and would enjoy, in their destruction and dissentions, the brilliant prospect of getting rid of their flour and other productions, and even of promoting their manufactories, which they know cannot enter into competition with those of England, while peace subsists in Europe.

Amidst all this, a greater or less predilection for these powers, forms a part of their system, ac- cording to the degree of influence which they pos- sess in the general aflTairs of Europe, and the great- er or less utility or prejudice to be derived from them to their commerce. Hence it is, that with Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Prussia, Naples, and the rest of the petty courts of Germany and Italy, with which they have but very trifling commercial relations, and from which they have nothing to fear, the United States confine themselves to a cor- respondence of civility, and to acquiring from them all possible preference in their commerce. They have some greater consideration for Holland, under the remote idea that their navy, together with that of France, may some day unite with their own against England. They regard Russia with dis- tinguished courtesy, for the influence which she has in all the affairs of Europe, although the com- merce they carry ou with that power is of little mo

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