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PRELIMINARY and Secret Treaty between the French Republick and his C. M. the King of Spain, relating to the aggrandizement of H. R. H. the Infant Duke of Parma in Italy, and to the recession of Louisiana.

His Catholick Majesty having always manifested the most anxious desire to procure for his R. H. the Duke of Parma an aggrandizement, which might place him on a footing corresponding with his dignity; and the French Republick having long since given to H. C. M. the King of Spain to understand the desire which they felt to recover possession of the colony of Louisiana; both governments having interchanged their views upon these two subjects of common interest, and circumstances permitting them to enter into engagements in this particular, which as far as it depends on them, may assure reciprocal satisfaction, have authorized for this purpose, that is to say: the French Republic, the citizen Alexander Berthier, general in chief; and his C. M. don Mariano Luis de Urquijo, Chevalier of the Order of Charles III, and of St. John of Jerusalem, Counsellor of State, his Envoy Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary near the Batavian Republick, and his provisional first Secretary of State; who, after having exchanged their powers, have agreed, saving the ratification, upon the following articles:


The French Republick engages to procure for H. R. H. the Infant Duke of Parma an augmentation of territory which shall raise the population of his estates to one million of inhabitants with the title of King, and all the rights annexed to the royal dignity; and to this effect the French Republick engages to obtain the consent of H. M. the Emperor and King, and of the other states interested, so that H. R. H. the Infant Duke of Parma may without opposition enter into possession of the said territories, at the time of the confirmation of peace between the French Republick and his Imperial Majesty.


The augmentation to be given to H R. H. the Duke of Parma may consist of Tuscany, in case the present negotiations of the French government with H. I. Majesty shall permit them to dispose of that country, or of the three Roman ecclesiastical provinces, or any other continental provinces of Italy, that may form a rounded estate.


H. C. M. promises and engages on his part to recede to the French Republick, six months after the full and entire execution of the conditions and stipulations herein expressed, relative to H R. H. the Duke of Parma, the colony or province of Louisiana, with the same extent that it now has in the hands of Spain, and had while in the possession of France, and such as it