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man's Magaxinef in which he wrote the monthly article called '* Anti- quarian Notes." With Mr. T. Wrijfht he founded the British Archaeological Association^ the fore- runner of the numerous Archaeolo- gical societies. In 1856 he edited the '* Inventorium Sepulchrale " of Bryan Faussett. Mr. Boach Smith has devoted much attention to pom- olOj?y, and especially to the culture of the vine in the open g^und; a*id in 1863 he published a pamph- let, which had a large circulation^ '* On the Scarcity of Home-grown Fruits in Great Britain, with re- me<Ual suggestions" (2nd edit., IHcW^J). In 1868 was printed pri- vately "Remarks on Shakespeare, his Birthplace," Ac, and in 1870 was published " The Rural Life of Shakespeare, as illustrated by his Works.^' Mr. Roach Smith also published a Catalogue of the Anglo- Saxon antiquities discovered at Faversham, Kent, and bequeathed to the South Kensington Museum by Mr. Gibbs.

SMITH, Georgb Baknett, F.B.G.S., was born at Ovenden, near Halifax, Yorkshire, May 17, lHi-1, and educated at the British Lancastcrian School, Halifax. At a very early age he began to write poems and sketches, and to contri- bute to the local press. In March, 1864, he came to London for the purpose of pursuing a journalistic ani literary career. He was first enifaged on the staff of the Olobe newspaper, and afterwards for eight years on that of the Echo. He contributed to the Edinburgh Review important articles on " The Works I of ITiackeray," •* Recent Editions ' of I•Ioli^^e/* "English Fngitive ' Pot^try," and other subjects. Mr. i Smith has contributed a great num- ber of literary, critical, and bio- , graphical articles to the ComhiU j Magazine, and has likewise contri- | buted to the " Encyclopspdia Bri- tannica," the Fortnightly and British Quarterly Reviews, and Eraser's j and Macmillan*s Magasines. He ,

is also a contributor to the Tivtes and the Academy. His first p«ab- lished work was a volume of poems, 1869; followed by "Poeta and Novelists/' a series of literary studies, 1875 ; and " Shelley : a critical Biography," 187^. In 1879 was published his Life of Mr. Gladstone," a work which has at- tained great popularity. Two years afterw^xls appeared the compcuuon work, "The Life of Mr. Bright," which was also very favourably re- ceived. Mr. Bamett Smith has edited, with introductions and notes, a work entitled " Illustrated British Ballads," in two volumes. He is also the author of two novels, one of which was published in the Manchester Ewaminer in 1881. His

    • Half -Hours with Famous Ambas-

sadors '* appeared in 1883. It may be added that Mr. Bamett Smith is al so kno wn for his artistic talent.

SMITH, Geoeoe Vance, Philoe. and Theol. Doct., was educated for the Nonconformist ministry, at Manchester New College; was afterwards Professor of Theology in the same College ; then minister of St. Saviourgate Chapel, York, and is at present Principal of the Pres- byterian College, Carmarthen. He is the author of various works, in- cluding "The Bible and Popular Theology," 3rd edition, 1871 ; "The Spirit and the Word of Christ," 2nd edition, 1874. He is a member of the Company for the revision of the New Testament, and has been so from the formation of the Com- pany, in May, 1870.

SMITH, GoLDWiN, LL.D.. M.A.. was born at Reading, Berkshire. Aug. 13, 1823, and educated at Eton and Oxford. He gained, in 1842, the Hertford Scholarship, and in 184o the scholarship founded by Dean Ireland. In Uie latter year he graduated B.A. as first class in classics, and subsequently he proceeded to the degree of M.A. He gained the Chancellor's prices for Latin Verse (1845); for the Latin Essay (1846) on "Qusenam