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Riband" of the Indian Civil Ser- vice — a risk his medic;il advisors refused to sanction. After a brief visit to England, Mr. Thomas returned to Indiiv to complete the l>eriod required for a reduced pen- sion, and wasforashort time Jud«^e of Delhi— before Uu; Mutiny — and latt4'rly sujwrintt'ndin*^ Judge of the Sau^jor and Nerbudda Territo- ries. Since his retirement from the service, Mr. Thomas has occupied himself with his favourite studies on the history and antitjuities of India and the learning of the East, in its larger sense — for which his previous training had, in a meiisure, prepared him : studies, the nature of which are perhaps better appreciated aJ)ro<wi, but Mr. Thomas has the satisfaction both of their frank acceptance on the Continent, and their more prized recognition at home by the Royal Society, which but seldom accords its favours to mere literary or antiquarian work. He has written, among a long series of papers, ranging over many years, " Essays on Indian Antiquities, pri- marily devoted to the condensation of the discoveries of James Prinsep, with ample additions and varied original contributions by the Editor/' 2 vols., 1858 j "Ancient Indian Numerals,** in the Journal Asiatique de Paris, 1863; "Early Sassanian Inscriptions, Seals, and Coins,** 1868; "The Chronicles- of the Pathan Kings of Delhi," 1871, with a supplement on the "Re- venue Resources of the Mughal 'Em- pire ; " " Ancient Indian Weights,*' forming the introductory essay of " The International Numismata Orientalia,** 1877; a publication ho originated. In Jan., 1873, he was elected a corre8i)onding member of the French Institute, for his contributions to Oriental numismatic archaeology, and lat- terly has attained the honour of a similar rank in the Academy of St. Petersburg.

THOMAS, Thb Right Rev. Mbsvc, D.D., Bishop of Goulbum

(Australia), was born at Typoetii, Cardiganshire, in 1816, and educated at Trinity College, Cambridge (B.A. IHP), M.A. 18i3, D.D. 1863). After officiating as a curate at Birming- ham, he Ixjcame Vicar of Tudden- ham, Suffolk, 1813-45; incumbent of Attleborough, Warwickshire, 18 15-51 ; and was secretary to the Colonial and Continental Church Society from the latter date until 1863, when he was consecrated first Bishop of Gonlbum. His diocese, erected in 1863, out of a portion of the Sydney diocese, is bounded on the north by the 34* of south lati- tude, on the west by South Australia, and on the south by Victoria.

THOMPSON, Edward Maundk, born May 4, 1810, in Jamaica, was educated at Rugby. He was ap- p>ointed an Assistant in the British Museum in May, 1861, became As- sistant-Keeper of the MSS. in 1871, and was appointed Keeper of the MSS. in succession to Mr. Bond, in 1878. Mr. Thompson, who is a barrister of the Middle Temple, has edited " Chronicon Angliae, 1328-1388" (in the Rolls Series), 1874 ; " Letters of Humphrey Pri- i d<»aux " (for the Camden Society), I 1875 ; " Chronicon Ad© de Usk, I 1377-1404'* (for the Royal Society of Literature), 1876 ; " Correspond- ence of the Family of Hatton '* (for the Camden Society), 1878. lie is joint editor of the publica- tions or the PalflBographical Society. THOMPSON, Sir Henrt, P.R.C.S., born at Framlingham, Suffolk, Aug. 6, 1820, and educated at University College, London, was appointed Assistant Surgeon of Uni- versity College HopitaJ, London, in 1853, Surgeon in 1863, and Pro- fessor of Clinical Surgery in 1866. He gained the Jacksonian Prize of the Royal College of Surgeons in 1852, with his essay on "The Path- ology and Treatment of Stricture of the Urethra," and the same prize in 1860, with an essay on "The Healthy and Morbid Anatomy of the Prostate Gland," both of which