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(Member of the InEtitute) at Paris. He has painted "The Gaolex-*B Daughter," exMUted at the Koystl koMemj in 1858; "French Pecb- aants finding their Stolen Child./* and "Man goeth fortii to his X«s^ bour/'1859; "Never More," I860; " Eeleasing Prisoners on the Yoxxng Hot's Birthdaj/' "La Deixiaxi.d.e en Manage/' and "The Return. from Moscow," 1861; " Queen. fAtharme and her Women ai^ Work," "After the Battle," " Some- thing it is which Thou hast XK>8ti,'* 1862; "The British Embassy in. Vsm during the Massacre of S^. Bartholomew," " Brink to Me only with Thine Eyes," 1863; "Tlie Borial of Ham|>den " and " T^omen of Arlea," 1864. Mr. Calderon ^w^&s elected AJR.A. in 1864. In 1865 Ke did not exhibit. In 1866 lie liad. in the Boyal Academy l&xlii\>ition "Her naost noble, high, and pnis- aant Grace," "Women of Poitiers washing on the banks of the Clain/' and "In the Pyrenees." In 1867 Mr. Calderon -was elected fxiU R.A., and receiTed at the Paris Interna- tional ExhibiUon the first medal awarded to English art. BLe also receiyed one of the medals awarded to English artists at the Vienna Exhibition of 1873. In 1867 he ex- hibited in London "Home after Victory," and " Evening; " in 1868, "The Young liord Hamlet riding on Torick's Back," " CEnone," and " Whither? " (this last his diploma picture); in 1869, "Sighing his Sonl into his Lady's Pace,*^ " The Duch- ess of Montpensier urging Jacques Clement to Assassinate the King," and a water-colour figure, size of life; in 1870, "The Orphans," "The Virgin's Bower," " Spring Driving away Winter," and " Mrs. Bland; ^' in 1871, "On Her Way to the Throne," and " The New Pictures " (portraits of a well-known picture collector); in 1872, " Summer" (a scene on the banks of the Thames), "A High-Bom Maiden," "In a Pklace-Tower," " H. S. Marks, Esq., AB-A./' and "Mrs. Oazalet;" in

X873 , •• Qood-Night," " Take, O take tlxose Xiix>e away/' " The Moon-Light Serenade," "Victory," " W. eTeI- -wyn, Ssq.;" in 1874, "The Queen of the Tonmaments " and " Half- H^ofnrs with the Best Authors; " in 1875, *' Befurbishing (St. Trophyme, Ajrles)," "Les Coquettes, Aries," •' Tonjonrs FidMe,^' and "Great Sport;" in 1876, "The Nest," " Margaret," " Watchful Eyes," an.<l "His Reverence;" in 1877,

  • ' Joan of Arc," "Eeduced Three

X>er Cents. (Bank of England)," and "The Fruit-seller;" in 1878, " The Nunnery at Loughborough," and " La Gloire de Dijon." In the s&me year (1878) Bir. Calderon was one of the English artists selected to exhibit an extra number of works at the Paris International Exhibi- tion, and he sent there several of the pictures mentioned above. At the close of that Exhibition he re- ceived a "rappel" of first-class medal, and was created a Knight of the Legion of Honour, Since that time he has been chiefly occu- pied in painting decorative panels in oil for the dining-room of a well- known lover of ait, among which have been "The Olive,'^ "The Vine" (representing the fruits of the earth), and "The Flowers of the Earth," exhibited at the Eoyal Academy in 1881. CALEDONIA, Bishop of. (See


CALLAWAY, Tmc Eioht Rev. Henry, M.D., D.D., who for some time was a missionary of the Church of England at Spring Vale, Natal, was, on a new missionary bishopric being formed for St. John's, British Kaffraria, nominated as the first occupant of the See. He was con- secrated by the Primus of Scotland (Bishop of Moray and Boss) in St. Paul's Church, Edinburgh, Oct. 30, 1873.

CAMERA Y-DIGNT, Guoliblmo, CoNTB Di, an Italian statesman, bom at Florence, in 1823, is the son of Count Louis c^ Cambray-Digny, who, from being a cobbler, rose to