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Hisaid and aaBistanoe will be found to be acknowledged in yery many of the worlcB of literary researcn which have i^peared during the lut fifty years. He is weU Imown aa an azdent book-ooUector, and has accmnolated a curious and exten- aire library. His residence is Stocks 'Bouse, Cheetham, Manchester.

CBOWE> Btss, A.BA.^ a histo- rical and genre painter^ born in London in Oct., 18^, studied paint- ing in the atelier of Paul Delf^oohe at Paris. He went with that dis- tinguished .artist and his other pupils to Bcmie in 1844. Acting as amanuensis to Mr. W. M. Thackeray, he Tisited the United States in 1852-3. He is an occasional In- spector of the Science and Art Be- paitment. Mr. Eyre Crowe was ele<^bed an Associate of the Boyal Academy in April, 1876. He has painted Goldsmith's Mourners/' 1863; "Friends," 1871; Blue Ckwt Subjects," 1872; "After a Bun," and "Brothers of the Brush/' 1873 ; " French Savants in Egypt," 1875; "The Eehearsal" and "Darning Bay, Bed Maids' School/' Bristol/' 1876; "Sanc- tuary," "Silkworms," "Prayer," and "Bridal Procession at St. Madou, Eouen/' 1877; "School Treat," 1878; "Blue Coat Boys retunoing from tiieir Holid^," "Marat: 18 July, 1793," "The Blind Beggar," " Execution of the Due d'Enghien, 1804," and "The Queen of the May," in 1879; "Queen Eleanor's Tomb" and "Forfeits," in 1880; "Explosion of the Cashmere Gate at Belhi," Sept. 14, 1867/' " Sandwiches," and "Sir Boger de Coverley and the Spectator at Westminster Abbey," 1881 ; " How happy could I be with either ! " and " The Befence of Lon- don in 1643," exhibited in 1882; " Old Porch, Evesham ;" " Market- place, Evesham ;" " An Old Nag is a Sly Nag;" and "Wood Notes wad," 1883.

CBOWE, JoexpH Abcrsb, bro- ther of Mr. Eyre Crowe, A.B.A.,

was born in London in Oct., 1825. He was correspondent for the nius- trated London News in the Crimean war, and for the Times during the Franco-Austrian war, and was at Solferino. He is now (1878) British Consul-General at Bflsseldorff. He is the author, conjointly with Mr. G. Cavalcaselle, of several art works, viz. .—"Early Flemish Painters," 1857 and 1872 ; " History of Paint- ing in Italy," 1864 ; " History of Painting in North Italy/' 1871; "Life of Titian," 1877. CBOWE, Mas. (See Bateman.) CEOWTHEB, Thh Right Ebv. Saihtil Adjai, B.B., Bishop of Niger Territory, is a native of Amca. His history, extending over sixty years or more, from a state of abject servitude to the episcopate, is a very romantic one. His original name was Adjai, and his family lived at Ochugu, in the Yorubu coimtry, 100 miles inland from the Bight of Benin. In 1821 he was carried off by the Eyo Ma- hometans, was exchuiged for a horse, was again exchanged at Bah- dah and cruelly treated, was then again sold as a ^ve for some to- bacco, was captured by an English ship of war, and landed at Sierra Leone in 1822. He was baptised in 1825, taking the names of the Evangelical vicar of Christ Church, Newgate Street, Samuel Crowther. In 1829 he married Asano, a native girl, who had been taught in the same school with him. He was then for some years schoolmaster of Regent's Town, and subsequently accomx>anied the first Niger expedi- tion. Arrived in England, he was sent to the Church Missionary Col- lege, Islington, and was ordained by the Bishop of London. In 1854 he accomx>anied the second Niger Expedition, of which he wrote a very able account. He was after- wards an skjtive clergyman at Akessa, translated the Bible into Yorubu, and undertook various other literary works of a religious character for the benefit of his X 2