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m Museum and Harrow^ ifferent places upon the

maturity of painting in reece ; on the revival of in Italy in the twelfth jid subsequently in Wes- jpe. Mr. Doo was ap- istorical Engraver in Or- William IV. in 1836, and Victoria in 1842. He is a )f the Society of Arts, m; of the Academy of I, Pennsylvania ; member aperial Academy of St. g. Corresponding Member ^emy of Parma. He was 1 associate of the Boyal

in 1855, and a Boyal Ian in 1856. Mr. Doo, > eminent engravers, has Q engaged in translating

of others ; and his mas- scripts of Baffaelle's " In- it " and Correggio's " Ecce n our National Gallery ; ce's " Calmady Children," Nature ;" his Lady Meade, n,and Etty's noble "Com- rve special mention. His reaching," after WilMe, ate which has, perhaps, n most fame. " Pilgrims of the Holy City," after is another fine specimen He completed, in 1861, graving of the great pic- le "Raising of Lazarus," bian del Piombo, in the jrallery, intended to form le series of plates after Titian, and Volterra, by Anderloni, Schiavoni, I, and Toschi. To this ievoted eight years. He

Vandyck's "Gevartius" •ther plates for the " Na- ilery Work," and six for

work published by the useoun, with various pub- 1 private plates besides. i was appointed chairman mmittee of Class 40 (en- md etchings) of the Lon- mational Exhibition of

was chosen one of the

four representatives of the I Academy of the Congr^s Artist held at Antwerp ; in 1861 he elected President of the Ar Annuity Fund ; and in 1863 he evidence before the Boyal Acac Commission, held at Westmin The large engraving of "The ] ing of Lazarus," and the " Por of Mrs. Hollond," after Ary Sch( were exhibited at the Boyal demy in 1864, and at the ] International Exhibition in his " St. Augustine and St. Mon after the same painter.

DOENEE, Isaac August, ] a Lutheran divine, born at Neu sen-ob-Eck (Wttrtemberg), Jui 1809, after completing his sti at Ttibingen, returned to his ni village, and officiated as ci under his father, who was pj of the parish. He subsequc visited Holland and Englanc order to make himself acquai] by personal observation, with condition of the Protestaiit sec those countries ; and since the has occupied in succession chairs of Divinity at Tubi (1838), Kiel (1839), Kdnigs (1810-49), Bonn (1847), and Be He is a Councillor of the U Consistory. Dr. Domer is known as a contributor to Her " Encyclopadie fOr Protestant Theologie," and as the authc several theological works, the ] cipal one being entitled " The tory of the Development of Doctrine of the Person of Chi Stuttgart, 1839 ; 2nd edit., 2 t 1854. An English translatioi D. W. Simon, was published vols., 1859, and forms the 10th 11th volumes of Clark^s "Foi Theological Library." His *' tory of Protestant Theology, ticularly in Germany, viewec cording to its Fundamental 1 ment, and in connexion with Eeligious, Moral, and Intelle< Life," has been translated English by the Bev. George 8on> M.A., and Sophia Tayl