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Paeha as Grand Vizier 77.

URGH, Bishop of. (See [., Db^

URGH (DuKBOP),H.R.H. JLPBBD Ebnbbt Albert^ \, the second son of Her U011S Majesty the Queen itoyal Highness the late oert, was Dom at Windsor og. 6, 1844. His early was entrusted to the Rev.

ch ; from 1852 to F. W.

I., C.B. ; and in 1866 the 9 placed tmder the special [ajor Cowell, R.E., and

winter of 1856-7 at Ge- lying modem languages, voided upon joining the rice. Prince Alfred was ler the Rev. W. R. Jolly, ink, near Gosport, where i the preparatory studies >fession during the sum- )8. He entered the ser- ' a strict and searching >n, Aug. 81, 1858, was a Naval Cadet, and joined ty's screw steam-mgate

51 guns, Oapt. John arleton, C.B. After a bsence of a few weeks, ^red joined his ship for rservice, Oct. 27, 1868, 1 in the St, George on »reign stations, visited e countries on ^e shores iterranean, and extended to America and the West Dec. 1862, Prince Alfred tie offer made to him of of Greece. In Feb. 1866, b granted him ^16,000 a )le from the day on which i his majority, with an •810,000 on his marriage, uted Duke of Edinburgh, snt, and Earl of UMer age of the United Eing-

24, 1866, and took his House of Lords, June 8.

Highness was sworn in the Trinity House,

1866, and received the I the City of London,

June 8. Early in lb67 the Duke was appointed to the command of the frigate Galatea, which sailed from Plymouth Sound Feb. 26. Since then he has visited nearly every country in the world, pro- ceeding first to Australia, where he met with a most enthusiastic re- ception on the part of the inha- bitants; and gpreat indignation was felt at the dastardly attempt of an Irishman, named O'Farrell, to as- sassinate the Prince at a picnic held at Clontarf , near Port Jackson, New South Wales, on March 12, 1868. The Prince, however, was only slightly wounded by a pistel- shot in the back. O'FarreU was tried on March 31, found guilty, and executed on April 21. His Royal Highness subsequently vi- sited Japan (where he was received both publicly and privately by the Mikado), China, and India. In 1873 he went to Italy, and on April 20 had an audience with the Pope at Rome. On Jan. 23, 1874, his marriage with the Grand Duchess Marie, only daughter of Alexander II., Emperor of Russia, was celebrated with great pomp at St. Petersburg j and on March 12, the Duke and Duchess, accom- panied by Her Majesty the Queen, made a public entry inte London amid much popular enthusiasm. On Oct. 15, 1874, the Duchess gave birth at Buckingham Palace te a son, who, on the 23rd of the follow- ing month, was baptized by the names of Alfred Alexander Wil- liam Ernest Albert, the sponsors being Queen Victoria, the Emperor of Russia, the Emperor of Ger- many, the Prince of Wales, the Crown-Princess of Germany, and the Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. The Duke of Edinburgh's other children are the Princess Marie Alexandra Victoria, born Oct. 29, 1876; and the Princess Victoria Melita, born at Malta, Nov. 26, 1876 ; and a princess born in 1878. His Royal Highness is Duke of Saxony and Prhice of Saxe-Coburg-