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The titles of these works ntes Fantastiques/' 1860 ; de la Montagne/' 1860; Daniel Rock/' 1861 ; ies Bordfl du Rhin," 1862 j Yegof/' 1862; "Le Joueur ette/' 1863 ; " La Taveme K>n de Mayence/' 1863; e Th^r^se, ou Ies Volon- '92/' 1863, originally pub- . the Journal des Ddbats; Fritz/' 1864; "Hietoire Msrit de 1813/' 1864,tran8- j English under the title Conscript ; a Tale of the ^Tar of 1813;" "L'Invasion oo/' 1865, translated under of " Waterloo, a Story of dred Days;" " Histoire mme du Peuple/' 1865; dson Foresti^re," 1866 ; arre/' 1866; "Le Blocus/' nslated under the title of .ockade of Phalsburg; an of the Fall of the First


'Histoire d'un

1868, an historical ro- hich has also been trans- o English; and "Le Juif " a p&.y brought out suc-

at the The&tre de Cluny

Among their more recent >ns are — "The Story of liscite, related by one of ),000 who voted 'Yes'" ed into English 1872) ; ler Frederic : A Story of an Exile" (translated into

1875); "Maitre Gaspard ivi de TEducation d'un ' "Histoire d'un Conser- ' "L'Isthme de Suez;" uvenirs d'un ancien Chef ier ; suivi de l'ExU6," 1876. iree-act comedy " L'Ami Bras brought out success- the Th^&tre Fran9ais, L876, notwithstanding the

which the Bonapartists Ebvoured to cast beforehand )iece by accusing the au-

want of patriotism, and Y with Germany. Their Les Vieux de la Vielle/' ished in 1882.

ERICHSEN, John Ebic, F.R.S was born in 1818, and educated the Mansion House, Hammersmit and at University College, Londo He became a FeUow and a memb of the Council of the Royal Collej of Surgeons, a Fellow of the Roy Society, and a member of varioi other learned and scientific insi tutions, home and foreign. He w appointed Professor of Surgery ai of Clinical Surgery at Universi College, and surgeon to the hospit in 1850. Mr. Erichsen is now Em ritus Professor of Surgery and co suiting surgeon to the hospital, ai to many other medical chariti( He has been President of the Ro; College of Surgeons of England of the Royal Medical and Chirv gical Society, and of the Surgic Section of the Great Intematioo Medical Congress of 1881. He w appointed Secretary to the Physi logical Section of the British Ase ciation for the Advancement Science in 1S44,; was member the Royal Commission on Yi^ section in 1875, and is Surgeo Extraordinary to the Queen. '^ Erichsen is the author of ma works and essays on physiology a: surgery — more especially of t " Science and Art of Surgerj which has gone through eight lar editions in this oounl^, and ma: editions in America, besides bei] translated into several foreign la guages. This work, from its ext€ sive circulation, has probably ex< cised more influence on the progn of surgery in all English-speaki] countries, than any other public tion of the day. Mr. Erichsen h been largely engaged as a consu ing and operating surgeon for ma years, and has devoted much aXU tion to surgery in its medico-le^ aspects.

ERICSSON, John, born in t province of Wermeland, Sweden, 1803. He entered the navy ensign in 1820, was employed surveys in Northern Sweden, a rose to the rank of captain.