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and other tribunals. Mr. ts nominated a Justice of n*8 Bench division in the art of Judicature in Feb. d shortly afterwards he the honour of knighthood. [EB, GuiLLAUMs Louis, a hemist and scientific writer, I at Montpellier, Feb. 15, ng nephew of Pierre Oscar Professor of Chemistry in )1 of Pharmacy in that town, aenced the study of medi- ler his uncle, was created f Medicine in 1841, and in i^ng year went to Paris to

his studies. In 18'16 he ►ointed Professor of the >f Pharmacy in his native Afterwards, however, he

to Paris, and in 1855 be- entific editor of La Presse. ributions to scientific jour-

almost innumerable, and

of his separate publica- )uld occupy a considerable imong the most important ,tter are : — " Exposition et des principales D^couvertes ^ues Modemes," 3 vols.,

5th edition, 1858; "His- \a Merveilleux dans les fodemes," 4 vols., 1859-60 ; ies des Savants lUustres 'Antiquite jusqu*au XIX* 1866. "The Human Race,"

" The Insect World," id several qther popular y M. Louis Figuier have nslated into English. lER, KuNO, was born at klde, in Silesia, in 1824, and n the Universities of Leipzig le. Dr. Fischer belongs to ager HegeUan tendency in hy. Having held, from 1848 a post as private tutor, he i in 1850, as a private philosphical lectures in the ity of Heidelberg. In 1855 t to Berlin, in order to be in the philosophical

but had not begun his

when he received his call jfisor of Philosophy in the

University of Jena. Dr. K Fischer has written, " Diotima, Idea of the Beautiful," Pf orzhc 1849 ; " History of Modem PhiL phy," 2 vols., Mannheim, 1852- " Apology for my Doctrine," Ma heim, 1854 ; " Logic and Metap sics," Stuttgard, 1852 j " Bacoi Verulam," Leipzig, 1856 j " Die Selbstbekenntnisse Schille Frankfort, 1858.

FISH, Hamilton, LL.D., I in New York, Aug. 3, 1808. was educated at Columbia Coll( where he graduated in 1828 ; stu( law, and was admitted to the I York bar in 1830. In 1837 he a member of the State Legislat was elected to Congress in 1842, served imtil 1845. He was L tenant-Governor of New York f 1847 to 1849, and Governor IMi In 1851 he was elected Un States Senator. On the expira of his term, in 1857, he s] several years in Europe, stud^ carefully the institutions governments of the diffe: nations. In 1869, on the resij tion of Mr. E. B. Washbume, was appointed Ambassador France, President Grant ca Mr. Fish to the position of S€ tary of State, which he reta during the two terms of Presi( Grant, ending March 4, 1877. Mr. Fish belongs the credi suggesting the Joint High Com sion with Great Britain, which in 1871, for the purpose of sett the various difficulties between two nations.

FITZGERALD (Lord), Right Hon. John David I QERAiiD, son of the late David ] gerald, born in Dublin in ] and educated at Trinity CoH Dublin ; was called to the Irisl in 1838, and obtained a silk g in 1847. For some years he leader of the Munster circuit, was elected M.P. for Ennis in '. and served in that capacity \ 1860, meanwhile joining Palmerston's Government as