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isly to this he had been r on natural history at the ►gic Institute at Blochmann, eper of the Royal Museum leralogy. Professor Geinitz itten a considerable number ks and interesting memoirs geognostic state of certain of Germany, particularly

L, The Right Rev. Fbe- , D.D., Bishop of Madras, the late Rev. Philip Gell, of

bom in 1821, took his B.A.

at Trinity College, Cam- in 1843, and soon after- t>ecame Fellow and Tutor of 3 College. He proceeded to ree of M.A. in 1846. Having haplain to the Bishop of I, and one of Her Majesty's Brs at Whitehall, he, in as consecrated to the see of

OA (DUKE OP), Thomas r Victor de Savoy, only son Late Prince Ferdinand, Duke loa, the brother of King Emmanuel, was born Feb. 6, After receiving an English ion at Harrow School, he hrough a regular course of in the Marine College at and came out an officer of yal Italian Navy, in which y he was entrusted with the nd of the Vettor Pisani, a e of the first rank, boimd on ge round the world. The 3ompleted her cruise in 1880, lie Duke*s journal of the was published at the close year.

RGE I. (Christian Wil- Ferdinand Adolphus e). King of Greece, second the King of Denmark, and r of the Princess of Wales, ec. 24, 1845, served for some 1 the Danish navy. After iication of Otho I., the late f Greece, in 1863, the vacant was first tendered by a

y of the Greek people to

Alfred of England^ whose

I nomination the English Govem- ' ment refused to accept. It was then offered to Duke Ernest of Saxe-Coburgh Gotha, who declined it; and eventually to Prince Christian, who, with the concur- rence of his own family and the consent of the Great Powers, accepted it, and began to reign as King George I. He was married at St. Petersburg to the Princess Olga, daughter of the Grand Duke Constantine, Oct. 27, 1867. The Princess Olga was born Sept. 3, 1851.

GEORGE, Henry, bora at Phi- ladelphia, Sept. 2, 1839. He at- tended the public schools until 1853, when he went into a counting- room, and then to sea, learning something of printing in the mean- while. In 1858 he reached Cali- fornia, where he worked at the case again until 1866, when he became a reporter and afterwards editor of various papers, among them the San Francisco Times and Post. He was State Inspector of Gas Meters for California from 1876 to 1880, and Trustee of the San Francisco Free Public Library from 1879 to 1880. In Aug., 1880, he removed to New York, where he has since resided. Ho spent a year in Eng- land and Ireland, 1881-82, where he was for a very brief time under arrest as a " suspect," but was im- mediately released upon his identity being established. Mr. George is chiefly known through his addresses and books upon economic subjects, which have attracted wide atten- tion throughout America and Ire- land. He has published " Our Land and Land PoUcy," 1871 ; " Pro- gress and Poverty," 1879; and Irish Land Question," 1881.

GERMANY, Emperor of. (See William I.)

GEROME, Jean L6on, artist, bom at Vesoul, Haute-Sa6ne, May 11, 1824, studied in his native place, went to Paris in 1841, and entered the studio of Paul Dela- roche, under whose direction h