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are :— *' Arrest of a Poacher," 1857 ; Canvassing for a Vote/* 1868; " The Patnot Wife " (the wife of a political prisoner bribing his Austrian gaoler to give her access to him), 1859; "A Rehearsal of Music in a Farmhouse," 1860 ; Sir Thomas More*3 Daughter in Hol- bein's Studio," 1861; **Eetum of Sir Francis Drake from Cadiz," 1862; "First Sight of the Armada," 1863; "Queen Elizabeth at Pur- fleet," 1864; "Taking Home the Bride," 1865; "Jewess accused of Witchcraft," 1866; "Even Song" (interior of Tong Church, Shrop- shire), 1867 ; " Chinese Ladies and European Curiosities," 1868 ; " Eo- man Trireme at Sea," 1868; "Arab Story-teller," 1869; "Arab Pri- soners," "The Basha's Black Guards," and "Arab Shepherds," 1870; "The Outpost," and "An Arab Patriarch," 1871 ; "Army Beorganization in Morocco," " The Snake Charmer," and "A Fair Customer," 1872; "Jack Ashore," and "A Tunisian Bird-seller," 1873; "A Needy Knife-Grinder," " Eetuming the Salute," and " Odd Fish," 1874 ; " A Barber's Shop in Tunis," "The Talisman," "A Cock- fight," and "xThe Turn of the Tide," 1875; "The Temple of Diana at Zaghouan," " Better have a New

  • Pair," and " Following the Plough,"

1876 ; " Commercial Activity in the East," " Pampered Menials," and "Relatives in Bond," 1877; "An Eastern Question," "Loot," and "The Pasha," 1878; "Say what shall be my song to-day, "111 serenade no more," " Gehdzi, the servant of Elisha," and "The French Naturalist in Algiers," 1879; "Homeward Bound," 1880; " Bound for the Black Sea, 1854," and " A Shipwrecked Sailor waiting for a Sail" (his diploma work, deposited on his election as an Ac^emician), 1881 ; " A Day far spent," "Ilka Lassie has her Laddie," " Painter and Critic," "Hobbema's Country," and "In the Low Countries/' 1882; "Egypt,

1882," "Off Duty," and el-ma : the Water-dance," 1883.

HOEY, Mas. Frances Sabah, wife of John Cashel Hoey, Esq., C.M.G., daughter of the late Charles Bolton Johnston, Esq., was born at Bushy Park, Rathfamham, co. Dublin, Feb. 15, 1830. She mar- ried, in 1846, the late Adam Murray Stewart, Esq., of Cromleich, oo. Dublin, and secondly, in 1858, her present husband. Mrs. Cashel Hoey has written for several lite- rary journals since 1860, and is the author of the following novels : — "A House of Cards," "Falsely True," "A Golden Sorrow," "Out of Court," "Griffith's Double," "All or Nothing," "The Blossom- ing of an Aloe," "No Sign," and " The Question of Cain," 1882. Mrs. Cashel Hoey is a contributor to Chambers* Journal, Temple Bar, All the Year Round, Belgravia, and other periodicals, and the translator of several works from the French and Italian languages. Among the former are "The Memoirs of Madame de R^musat," " The King's Secret," "1794: a Tale of the Terror," and "The History of Fashion in France." ' HOFMANN, August Wilhelm. M.D., F.R.S., Professor in Ordinary of Chemistry in the University of Berlin, was born at G lessen, April 8, 1818. In 1836 he entered the University of Giessen, where, in 1842, he graduated as Ph.D. From 1842 to 1844 Dr. Hofmann acted as assistant to Baron Liebig, at Gies- sen, and in 1845 habUitated as Private Docent of Chemistry in the University of Bonn. In the autumn of the same year he became Professor of Chemistry in the Royal College of Chemistry in London, and in 1853 Professor in the Royal School of Mines in London. In 1863 Dr. Hofmann was nominated Professor of Chemistry in the Uni- versity of Bonn, and was entrusted with the organization of the new laboratory. In 1865 he was called to Berlin as the successor of Mitz-