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of Music in April, 1875. In 1879 ^ canonry, without cure of souls^ was granted by the Chapter of Albano to the Abb^ Liszt. At present he is at Weimai*, occu- pied with the completion of a great oratorio, " Stanislaus," at which he has been working for several years. Among smaller pro- ductions which he has lately pub- lished are a third " Mephisto Waltz/' and a second and a third " Valse Oubli^e." One of his two daughters was the wife of Eichard Wagner, the composer. An English translation by Mr. Walter Cook, of the Abb^ Liszt's " Life of Chopin," was published in 1877.

LITTLE, The Eev. William John Knox, M.A., is a son of Mr. John Little, of Stewartstown, co. Tyrone, and was born about 1839. He was educated nt Trinity Col- lege, Cambridge, where he took his Bachelor's degree in 1862 as a third-class in the Classical Tripos, and proceeded M.A. in due course. He was successively assistant mas- ter in Lancaster and Sherborne Grammar Schools ; curate of Christ Chiirch, Lancaster ; curate in charge of Turweston, Bucks ; and curate of St. ITiomas's, Regent Street. He was collated to the rectory of St. Alban's, Cheetwood, in 1875. In Sept., 1881, he was nominated by Mr. Gladstone to the canonry in Worcester Cathedral that had been vacated by the promotion of Canon Bradley to the Deanery of West- minster. Canon Knox Little is well known as a popular preacher of the High Chiirch school. He is the author of "Characteristics of the Christian Life," "Meditations on the Three Hours' Aeony of our Blessed Redeemer," "Motives of the Christian Life," and a voliune of "Sermons." He married, in 1866, Annie, eldest daughter of Mr. Henry Gregson, of Moorlands, Lancashire.

LITTLEDALE, The Rev. Richard Fbederick, LL.D., born in Dublin, Sept. 14, 1833, received

his academical education at Trinity College, Dublin, of which he was a foun£i^on schohu*, graduating B.A. as first-class in classics in lSo4, M.A. in 1858, and LL.D. in 1862. He is also a D.C.L. of Oxford, and was ordained in 1856 by Dr. Hinds, Bishop of Norwich. He held the curacies of Thorpe Hamlet, Nor- wich, and St. Mary's, Crown Street, London, from 1856 to 1861. For the last twenty -two years Dr. Littledale has been engaged in literary work of an ecclesiastical character, chiefly liturgical, con- troversial, and exegetic, being un- able to take parochial work from chronic ill - health. He is the author of "Application of Colour to the Decoration of Churches," 1857; "Philosophy of Revivals," 18C0 ; " Religious Communities of Women in the Early Church," 1862 ; "Offices of the Holy Eastern Church," 1863 i "The Mixed Chalice," 1863 ; "Carols for Christ- mas and other Seasons," 1863; " Unity and the Rescript, a Reply to Bishop irUathorae," 1864; "The North Side of the Altar," 1864; " Catholic Ritual in the Church of England," 1865; "The Elevation of the Host," 1865 ; " Incense, a Liturgical Essay," 1866; "Mis- sionary Aspect of Ritualism" in "The Church and the World," 1866 ; " Catholic Revision, a Letter to Archbishop Longley," 1867; " Additional Services, a second Letter to Archbishop Longley," 1868; "Innovations, a Lecture on the Reformers," 1868 ; " Continua- tion of Neale's Commentary on the Psalms," vol. ii., !l868, vol. iii., 1871, vol. iv., 1874; "The First Report of the Ritual Commission," in " The Church and the World," 1868; "The Children's Bread, a Communion Office for the Young," 1868 ; " Commentary on the Song of Songs," 1869; "Early Christian Ritual," 1869 ; " The Crisis of Dis- establishment," 1869; "Tradition," a lecture at Cambridge, 1869; "Misapplied Texts of Scripture,"