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States for Schools and Families/' 1854 (new edition^ revised to 1876) ; " Our Countrymen ; or. Brief Me- moirs of Eminent Americans," 1854 (new edition, 1881) ; " Mount Vernon and its Associations," 1859 ; " Recollections and Private Me- moirs of WasMngton," which., though nominally written by G. W. Parke Custis, was arranged, anno- tated, and illustrated by Mr. Los- sing; "Life and Times of Philip Schuyler," 1860; "Life of Wash- ington," 1860 ; " The Hudson, from the WOdemess to the Sea," 1863 ; " Pictorial History of the Civil War in the United States," 1S66-69; "Pictorial History of the War of 1812," 1869 ; " History of England," 1871 ; " Washington and the Ame- rican Republic," 1871 ; " Vassar College and its Founder," 1875; " History of the United States for Children," 1875 ;" History of our Wars with Great Britain," 1876; " The American Centenary," 1876 ;

  • ' Story of the United States Navy,"

1880 ; and " Popular Cyclopfiedia of United States History," 1881. Be- sides these, he has contributed to Harper's Magaxine and other periodi- cals a number of papers, and is a most industrious collector of docu- ments relating to American history. In 1872 he received the degree of LL.D. from the University of Michigan. He resides at Chestnut Ridge, near the city of New York.

LOTTI DE LA SANTA, Made- moiselle, was born in Mantua, Dec. 23, 1833. Belonging to a noble family, she was carefully educated, and, compelled by altered circum- stances to think of availing herself of the natiiral gifts with which she was endowed, adopted the stage as a profession, studying under Man- zencato, a master of reputation, and afterwards under Romani. Aided by Donizetti, she obtained an en- c^agement at the Italian Opera- house in Constantinople, where, in April, 1852, she made her first ap- pearance with great success in "Roberto il Diavolo," and pro-

ceeded to Milan, gaining great ai>- plause in the character of Zerlina, in "Don Giovanni." After singine with equal success at Vienna and Florence, she repaired to Rimini, in order to appear in a part written expressly for her, in Verdi's opera, " Araldo." In 1854 she went to St. Petersburg, and remained there three years; was engaged by Mr, Gye to appear in London in 1859, in conjunction with Mesdames Grisi and Bosio, where, though she failed in the first instance, to secure that applause which her Continental re- putation had led her friends to ex- pect, she subsequently vindicated, by her successful performances in "Maria de Rohan," " Rigoletto," " La Gazza Ladra," and " Martha," her title to a high position among the lyric artists of the day.

LOUIS I. (Louis - Philippe- Mabie - Ferdinand- Pierre -d'Aii-


PHA^ - Gabriel - Gonzague - Xa - viER - FBAN9018 d'Assise - Jean - Jules - Auguste - Volpando - db Braganza-Bourbon), King of Por- tugal, second but eldest surviving son of Donna Maria II., Queen of Portugal, and Dom Fernando, Prince of Saxe-Coburg, born Oct., 1838, visited this country with his elder brother in 1854, when he bore the title of Duke of Oporto, and afterwards attained the rank of a Captain in the Portuguese navy. He succeeded to the throne on the demise of his brother. King Pedro V. (by a fever, which carried off another brother), Nov. 11, 1861. He married, Oct. 6, 1862, Pia, youngest daughter of Victor Em- manuel, King of Italy, by whom he has two sons, Carlos, born Sept. 28, 1863, and Alfonso, born July 31, 1865. His Majesty published in 1877 a translation into Portuguese of Shakspere's " Hamlet." It was followed in 1880 by a translation of the " Merchant of Venice." In that year also his Majesty completed ^his translation into Portuguese of Sh*ak. spere's "Richard III." A secoDd