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tained the Boden Sanscrit, and the Pusey and Ellerton Hebrew Scholar- ships, together with a second-class in classics. In 1838 he went to Calcutta as Classical Professor in Bishop's College, was ordained dea- con, and in 1839 became Secretary to the Asiatic Society of Bengal. Betuming to England, he was ad- mitted into Balliol College, whence he took his M.A. degree in 1843, and after being ordained priest, was appointed Vicar of Broad- windsor, Dorset, in 1845, and Pre- bendary of Sarum in 1871, a dig- nity which he resigned in 1875. Dr. Malan has written " Persomache Herodotica, an Analysis of Herodo- tus," 1837 ; "An Outline of Bishop's College, Calcutta," " Family Pray- ers," and "Three Months in the Holy Land," 1843 ; " A Plain Expo- sition of the Apostles* Creed," 1847 ; " A Catalogue of the Eggs of British Birds," and " A Systematic List of British Birds," 1848 ; " Who is God in China, Shin or Shang-Te ? " 1856; "The Three-fold San-tsze- king; or, Triliteral Classic of China," translated from the Chinese, with notes ; " A Vindication of the Authorised Version;" "A Letter to the Earl of Shaftesbury on the Chinese and Mongolian Versions of the Bible,"- and "Aphorisms on Drawing," 1856; "Magdala and Bethany: a Pilgrimage," "The Coast of Tyre and Sidon : a Narra- tive," 1857 J " Letters to a Young Missionary," 1858; "Prayers and Thanksgivings for the Holy Com- munion," ti^nslated from Arme- nian, Coptic, and other Eastern rituals, for the use of the clergy ; "Meditations on a Prayer of S. Ephraem for Lent," translated from the Itussian, 1859; "The Gospel according to S. John," translated from the eleven oldest versions except the Latin ; viz., the Syriac, Ethiopic, Armenian, Georgian, Sla- vonic, Sahidic, Memphitic, Gothic, Anglo-Saxon, Arabic, and Persian, with notes and a criticism on all the 1,340 alterations proposed by

the five clergfymen in their revision of that gospel, 1862 ; " Preparation for the Holy Communion,*' trans- lated from Eastern rituals for the use of the laity ; " Meditations on Our Lord's Passion," translated from the Armenian; "Manual of Daily Prayers," translated from Armenian and other Eastern origi- nals, 1863 ; " Philosophy or Truth ? remarks on the first five Lectures on the Jewish Church, by the Dean of Westminster," 1865; "History of the Georgian Church," trans- lated from the Bussian ; " Bepent- ance," translated from the Syriac of S. Ephr»m, 1866; "Sermons by Gabriel, Bishop of Imereth^" trans- lated from the Georgian; "Com- panion for Lent," " An Outline of the Early Jewish Church," " On Ritualism," 1867; "The Life of S. Gbregory the Illuminator, Patron Saint of the Armenian Church," translated from the Armenian ; " The Holy Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, according to Scripture, Grammar, and the Faith," 1868; "Instruction in the Christian Faith," tnmslated from the Arme- nian ; " A Plea for the Authoriaed Version, and for the Teitus Be- ceptus, in answer to the Dean of Canterbury," 1869; "The Liturgy of the Orthodox Armenian Church, translated from the Armenian, 1870; "The Differences between the Greek and the Armenian Churches," translated from the Bussian; "The Conflicts of the Holy Apostles," an apocryphal book of tiie Eastern Church, trans- lated from the Ethiopic ; " Misawo the Japanese Girl," translated from the Japanese ; " The Parables of Our Lord explained to Country Children, 2 vols., 1872 ; " A Form of Prayer for the use of Sunday Schools," 1871 ; " Bishop EUicott's new Version of the Athanasian Creed ; " " The Confession of Faith of the Orthodox Armenian Church, together with the rite of Holy Baptism, translated from the Arme- nian ; " " The Divine Liturgy of