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L. S. NO. 2 TO GAZETTE EXT. NO. 10/2004

L.N. 130 of 2004


(2) A Hong Kong ship shall keep on board—

(a) a ship security plan of the ship developed and approved in accordance with section 9 of part A of the Code;
(b) all approvals (if any) for amendment to the ship security plan given pursuant to section 9 of part A of the Code;
(c) the information specified in regulation 5 of Chapter XI-2 of the Convention; and
(d) in the manner specified in section 10 of part A of the Code, the records specified in section 10.1 of that part for a period of not less than 3 years.

Designated Port Facilities

23. Designated port facilities to comply with the Convention

A designated port facility shall comply with regulation 10.1 of Chapter XI-2 of the Convention.

24. Port facility security officers

(1) The management of a designated port facility shall designate a port facility security officer for the port facility.

(2) A port facility security officer shall comply with the provisions of part A of the Code that apply to him and take into account the guidance contained in part B of the Code.

25. Port facility security plans

The port facility security officer of a designated port facility shall ensure that a port facility security plan is developed and maintained for the port facility and submitted to the Director for approval in accordance with section 16 of part A of the Code.