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L. S. NO. 2 TO GAZETTE EXT. NO. 10/2004

L.N. 130 of 2004


(c) the company has received a notice of cancellation referred to in rule 17(1) or (2); or
(d) the management has received a notice of withdrawal referred to in rule 27(1),

as the case may be.

(4) A court of survey may affirm or reverse a decision appealed against.

(5) The lodging of an appeal under this rule does not by itself operate as a stay of execution of a decision of the Director.

32. Fees

(1) The Director may charge fees in respect of the time spent by an authorized officer on providing services relating to any of the following matters—

(a) issuing or endorsing a security certificate;
(b) issuing an interim certificate;
(c) approving a port facility security plan;
(d) inspecting for the purpose of removal of detention of ships.

(2) The fee under subrule (1) is charged on an hourly basis and the rate is—

(a) in the case where an authorized officer is required to inspect a ship or a port facility in the course of providing services, $3,270 for the first hour or part hour and $1,115 for each subsequent hour or part hour; or
(b) in any other case, $1,115 for each hour or part hour.

Consequential Amendments

Administrative Appeals Board Ordinance

33. Schedule amended

The Schedule to the Administrative Appeals Board Ordinance (Cap. 442) is amended by adding—

“65. Merchant Shipping
(Security of Ships and
Port Facilities) Rules
(L.N. 130 of 2004)
A decision of the Director of Marine under rule 27(1).”.