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L. S. NO. 2 TO GAZETTE EXT. NO. 10/2004

L.N. 130 of 2004


(4) A security certificate is valid for such period as specified in the certificate by the person who issued or endorsed the certificate.

(5) A security certificate ceases to be valid if any of the events mentioned in section 19.3.8 of part A of the Code occurs.

15. Obligations of companies in relation to ships

Where a security certificate has been issued or endorsed in respect of a ship, the company of the ship shall, on transferring its responsibility for the operation of the ship to another company—

(a) as soon as practicable transmit to that another company all information relating to the certificate; or
(b) facilitate the verifications carried out for the ship.

16. Interim International Ship Security Certificates

(1) Subject to subrule (2), in a case falling within section 19.4.1 of part A of the Code, an Interim International Ship Security Certificate may on application by the company of a Hong Kong ship be issued pursuant to section 19.4.2 of part A of the Code in respect of the ship by—

(a) the Director; or
(b) a recognized security organization that is authorized in writing by the Director to issue the Certificate.

(2) An interim certificate shall not be issued in respect of a Hong Kong ship unless the requirements specified in section 19.4.2 of part A of the Code are verified to have been complied with in relation to the ship.

(3) If the Director refuses to issue an interim certificate, he shall inform the applicant concerned by a notice in writing stating the reasons for his refusal.

(4) An interim certificate is valid until—

(a) the expiration of 6 months from its date of issue; or
(b) a security certificate is issued in respect of the ship,

whichever first occurs.

17. Cancellation of certificates

(1) The Director may, by notice in writing to the company of a ship, cancel a security certificate issued or endorsed in respect of the ship if he has reason to believe that—