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Tune—"Roy's Wife."

An old song. The stanzas in brackets seem to be an interpolation from another ditty much resembling "Comin' o'er the hills o' Couper."

There was a wedding o'er in Fife,
An' mony a ane frae Lothian at it;
Jean Vernon there maist lost her life,
For love o' Jamie Howden at it.
Blyth Will and Bessie's weddin',
Blyth Will and Bessie's weddin',
Had I been Will, Bess had been mine,
An' Bess an' I had made the weddin'.
Right sair she grat, and wet her cheeks,
An' naithing pleased that we could gie her;
She tint her heart in Jamie's breeks,
It cam nae back to Lothian wi' her.

Blyth, &c.

[Kate Mackie cam frae Parloncraigs,
The road was foul 'twixt that an' Couper;
She shaw'd a pair o' handsome legs.
When Highland Donald he o'ertook her.

Comin' o'er the moor o' Couper,
Coming o'er the moor o' Couper,
Donald fell in love wi' her.
An' row'd his Highland plaid about her.

They took them to the Logan steps,
An' set them down to rest thegither,
Donald laid her on her back.
An' fir'd a Highland pistol at her.

Comin'. &c.