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( 135 )

The rape they round the pump shall tak',[1]
And tie your han's ahint your back,
Wi' just an ell o' string allowed,
To jink and hide ye frae the crowd,
There shall ye stand—a lawfu' seizure,
Enduring Jeanie Mitchell's pleasure,
Sae be her pleasure don't surpass,[2]
Five turnings o' a half-hour glass,[3]
Nor will it in her pleasure be,
To turn you loose in less than three.
This our futurum esse decreet,
We mean not to be kept a secret,
But in our summons here insert it,
And whoso dares let him subvert it;[4]
Thus, marked above, the date and place is,
Sigillum est, per Burns, the praeses,
This summons, wi' the signet mark,[5]
Extractum est, per Richmond, Clerk;[6]
At Mauchline, idem date of June,[7]
'Tween four and five of afternoon,
You twa, in propria persona,
Before designed, Sandy and Johnie,
This summons legally ye've got it,
As vide witness undernoted,[8]
Within the house of John Dow, vintner.

Nunc facio hoc, Gulielmus Hunter.
  1. Around your rump.—S. D.'s Ver.
  2. Dinna pass.—Eg. Ver.
  3. Seven turnings.—Eg. Ver.
  4. Whoso dares may controvert it.—Eg. Ver.
  5. In the Eg. Ver. the signature here appears "(L. S.) B....."
  6. Richmond's signature here appears "R....d."
  7. At Mauchline, twenty-fifth of May, about the twalt hour o' the day.—Eg. Ver.
  8. This summons legally have got,
    As vide witness underwrote.—Eg. Ver.