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1805, April 28 Jefferson to Harrison Asking him to select the first councillors 126
1805, May 22 Chouteau to Harrison Trip of some Indian chiefs to the Federal city 128
1805, May 24 Secretary of War to Harrison Calling a meeting of Delaware chiefs 130
1805, May 25 B. Parke to Harrison Indians who murdered Whites 131
1805, May 27 Harrison to Secretary of War Indians 132
1805, May 27 Harrison to Pierre Choteau Trip of Indian chiefs to the Federal city 135
1805, June 7 Proclamation Convening the First session of the First General Assembly 136
1805, June 14 Munro to Harrison Burning of Detroit.. 136
1805, June 21 Minutes Indian council at Fort Wayne Held by Gibson and Vigo 137
1805, June 22 Wells to Gibson Indians at Fort Wayne.. 139
1805, July 2 Resolutions Adopted at a mass meeting 140
1805, July 4 Resolutions Officers of the militia in the District of St. Louis to Harrison 141
1805, July 6 Gibson and Vigo to Harrison Mission among the Indians 141
1805, July 10 Harrison to Henry Dearborn Relative to Wm. Wells, Indian agent, enclosing minutes of a council at Fort Wayne June 21, 1805 147
1805, July 20 Harrison to August Choteau Friendly greeting and recommendation of Gen. Wilkinson 151
1805, July 29 Message to the General Assembly First message of the governor to an Indiana legislature 152
1805, July 30 Answer of the House of Representatives to Harrison's speech 159
1805, July 30 Reply of the Legislative council to the governor's speech 160
1805, August 10 Harrison to Secretary of War, relative to the treaty made with the Delawares 161