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1805, August 26 Harrison to Secretary of War Concerning his policy in treating with the Indians 161
1805, August 26 Message Proroguing the general Assembly and fixing the time for meeting again 164
1805, September 16 Harrison to Henry Dearborn, Esq. concerning the acceptance of the Treaty of the Delawares, laws passed by the legislature. Enclosures: Act prohibiting liquors to Indians; invoice to Geo. Wallace 164
1805, September 24 Commission of William Bullit in militia 168
1805, September 24 Commission of Benjamin Parke in militia 168
1805, October 11 Secretary of War to Harrison Treaty with the Miamis and purchase of land from Piankeshaws 169
1805, October 18 Harrison to Henry Dearborn Commending the conduct of Capt. Stoddard while acting as civil commandant of Upper Louisiana 170
1805, November 10 Petition of Gov. and judges of Indiana territory asking for an increase in salary in connection with an increase of their duties as gov. and judges of La. Territory Madison's Report, Feb. 6, 1806 170
1805, Nov. 15, and Feb. 7 Harrison to the Speaker of House of Representatives of U. S. enclosing the resolution of Indiana Legislature on the separation of Mississippi counties 172
1805, November 20 Harrison to Jefferson Nominations for council 174
1805, November 29 Harrison to Secretary of War Indians and their accounts 175
1805, December 10 Perry to Harrison speech to Kickapoo chiefs, insult of the Americans to the chief Pawatamo, his attitude toward the whites 176
1805, December 16 Shadrach Bond to Harrison talk with the Indians concerning peace Answer of Indians enclosed 177